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  This section of the website describes the five Stages of Development, as they apply to management, groups, and organizations. It explains how each Stage handles a variety of organizational issues, manage-
ment functions, employee matters, collaboration, communication, information, planning, problem solving, and decision making. These examples also serve to trace the progress of development in specific organizational and management areas.

This material gives you a good feel for each Developmental Stage. You can also see how the treatment of each issue changes from Stage to Stage, as managers and their organizations develop. Understanding these differences in Stage will be very helpful in reading any of the other materials on this website.

This section will best be understood if you have first read Section 1, “A Model of Development.” Like Section 1, this material is unlikely to be found anywhere else in the fields of management science and organization science.
  Contents of This Section  
  Here is the paper containing the material for this section of the website. It is in pdf format for convenience in printing. Please press the View button next to the title of the paper to view and print it. We suggest printing, rather than reading on the screen.
 “Stages of Development”  
Stage 1. Coercive
Stage 2. Rules-and-Roles
Stage 3. Pragmatic
Stage 4. Principled
Stage 5. Perspectivist
 Comparing 2 Organizations You Know  
Here is a short exercise you can use to try out this Model of Develop-
ment by comparing two organizations you know on eight important factors of management and organizational functioning. It will let you check for yourself, based on your own experience, the relationship between Development and performance.
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