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Wit from the Wise  
Let us not be too particular.
It is better to have
old second-hand diamonds
than none at all.
—Mark Twain     
Useful Things to Know before Exploring this Site
      1.  What are the purposes of this website?
  2. What kind of consulting do you do?
  3. What coaching services do you offer?
  4. Do you offer a free initial consultation?
  5. What is the “Perspectivist Stage”?
  6. Why does the website include information on foundational topics, such as Cognitive Maps and Developmental Stages?
  7. What results can clients expect from your services?
What’s In Each Section of the Website
A Model of Development.  Managers, groups, and organizations are said to “develop” in one of their functions when they make a leap to the next “stage” in how they do it. Development is the single most important factor in individual and group success. This section intro-
duces “development” and applies the concept to many management and organizational issues. Very helpful for understanding how man-
agement and groups really work, as well as for the rest of the website.
Stages of Development.  Describes the five Stages and how each handles a wide variety of management and organizational issues and functions. Central to all our work. A real eye-opener. Best to read section one first.
Cognitive Maps.  The key tools for the Perspectivist Stage. Explains what they are and how to evaluate ones you know and new ones. Three key Cognitive Maps are outlined in detail: Phases of Work, Information Quality, and the Comprehensive Map of Management.
Consulting Services.  Detailed descriptions of nine of our consulting services, each with a Case Study illustrating the service in practice. Includes a very useful paper, “Six Questions Clients Need to Ask When Selecting a Management-Consulting Company, Along with Our Answers.” This answers all the general questions about our consulting services, and is highly recommended to find out what we do and how.
Talks, Workshops, & Coaching.  Detailed descriptions of our 28 Talks, 23 Workshops, 4 Skill-Building Programs, and Executive Coaching Service. Includes a very useful paper called “General Information” that explains how all of them work.
Library.  Articles written by us on various management and organiza-
tional topics in some depth. The articles are highly practical—written to be put to use. They also lay sound foundations for these topics.
About Us.  Information about our company, background, qualifications, contributions to the development of our profession and its underlying disciplines, the kind of consulting we do, our clients, and results we’ve achieved for them.
Glossary.  Explanations of all unfamiliar terms used on this website.
Contact Us.  How to reach us by phone, mail, or e-mail.
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